We use professional grade equipment to shoot and produce your music videos and other content. Contact us to find out how your music video, short, series or documentary can be created and aired on MMTV programming.


Our professional digital editing system allows us to produce a finished product to present to viewers world-wide.

From Thoughts to Realities

Welcome to MMTV Network, The Social Television Network! 

This is where Realities are revealed and indies in the entertainment industries and other disciplines, Empower themselves by getting their voices heard. 

We produce and Cablecast entertainment products to four major cable television networks, including satellite and internet TV with a reach of upward of 5 million subscribers throughout the Greater New York City area.

Supporting and Creating Opportunities for indie artists, film makers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and other entertainment professionals, we accept indie projects for cablecast, and assisting you in bringing your products and services into homes of TV cable subscribers.

Our programs airing on CableVision, Time Warner, RCN and Verizon television networks is just the beginning of our reach to millions of potential fans and buyers of your music, products and services.

Streaming live via several top websites and virally promoting our programming on several popular social networks, our reach to assist you in branding and building your fan base and reaching new customers, is unlimited.

We feature indie artist, celebrites, entrepreneurs, music industry professionals and small businesses. Highlighting their goals, achievements and successes, they in turn share valuable career information with our viewers.  Playing it forward to assist someone else in achieving their goals so they too can empower themselves and live the dream.

MMTV is the Outernet reaching those on and off  the internet, ensuring that your talents, skills, entrepreneurship and potential stardom are marketed to the widest audience possible.

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